Is she jealous of me?

This girl i used to be friends with... always tries to compete with me... she is adopted by rich parents and keeps making that clear... and then she tried to gaslight me infront of others. I grew up in a stable family and she keep trying to imply i didn't cause i told her some of my problems. What is her problem? i cut her out of my life cause it was just annoying and then she called me a cold hearted bitch... she also became violent and she also used to leave her stuff all the time in my house


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  • I don't think she's jealous---just insecure. Whatever her issues, she seems to try and project it onto you. For instance, just because she has rich parents doesn't make them "better" than yours. If I were to be cruel, I would point out the fact that her biological parents gave her up. This could be a sore point for her which is why she may bring up the wealth (and the fact that you're mentioning familial problems).

    She clearly has issues and needs to see a therapist.


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