Tried to cut to the dating chase with a male after sleeping with each other rather fast and I'm unsure what to do. help?

Been talking to this dude on OkCupid since May. We have a lot in common & finally went out in person beginning of August. The first date went well so on the 2nd I thought it was ok to meet at his place. I tried to take it slowly but we kept getting hot & heavy between makeouts & I slept over. It bothered me he was so handsy but I was in too deep at that point so I allowed hoping all would workout. Then the following morning him kinda sucked. He wasn't affectionate at all. Made me feel insecure. But we continued communication through out the week and he seemed eager. During our last date he mentioned leaving town. The following week he said he was busy working doubles before taking a trip on the weekend so he couldn't hang out & come Tues I saw he was back at work & made a comment on how that was a short trip thinking he lied but he was like "ya it was short & work is a disaster now that I'm back" & we talked like normal & he expressed desire to hangout more but wasn't making the moves to plan the 3rd date and now it's almost 3 weeks later so I kinda freaked due to past experience & sent him a late night "we are both busy working & I don't have time to wait for someone who doesn't have time for me... Are we still a thing or should I move on" I know it was direct & prob not the best thing to say but I didn't Wana get hung up on someone who wasn't gonna stick around. He just asked me who the other dude is & isn't responding to me after I said no other dude I just wanna know before I get sucked in... What do I do now? I wanna keep seeing him... Help


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