Guys, am I being too sensitive?

A guy and I have been eyeing each other off for months. You know when there’s chemistry without even saying a word? Well that guy and I talk now. A lot. We haven’t swapped numbers or anything but we talk for hours at the gym and he always asks to train with me or walk me out.

Conversation is awesome until he’s in a joking mood the topic turns to me and he teases me about anything and everything. I’m yet to receive any sort of compliment of any kind from him. He teases me so much that sometimes I wonder if he’s joking. I laugh mostly at it as I have awesome banter with my guy mates but him teasing me is starting to bother me now and I don’t know what to do.

I don’t want him to fall into the friend zone coz I’m attracted to him but if some kind of flirting doesn’t happen soon I feel like I’m going to give up
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  • Him joking with you is a form of flirting. Why don't you make a move?

    • I’ve tried. We were talking the other night about first impressions and he said did you want to talk to me for awhile before we actually had our first convo and I struggled to admit it but I said yeah and he’s like yeah I know I could see you looking at me and I’m like haha yeah I saw you looked at me too and he’s like I notice everyone.

      I laughed it off but I feel like he’s not allowing me to flirt coz a defence goes up by him

    • Ball's in his court now.

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • I'd guess that your boring to him, and you have a very entitled attitude. "I don't want him to fall into the friend zone coz I'm attracted to him". A gentleman takes what he wants anyway.


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