What are some tips on meeting girls?

I refuse to do any online dating, so that is out of the bag. As a student, I'm a senior while also working and I'm very focused on the future and my future moves right now but I'm also looking for someone. I don't go to parties or bars but I'm not looking for tips on where to meet girls because there are plenty of places. Outside of my career and work, how can a guy meet a babe? Since I'm not on tinder or anything else, I'm trying to determine how to go about it. I have avoided random approaching girls (for my own sake) because in the past I have quickly found out that I'm not that into them. Sure, I can get a girl's number volunteering or hobbying but with random girls it's always been either I lose interest or they ghost me - I'm always chivalrous but random girls are almost always a joke nowadays for me and I won't settle for mediocrity. It's tough because I believe in love at first site too.


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  • Go where the Girls have fun. When I was in my 20s, i often met Girls at Festivals or other Events,


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