Have you ever become jaded from online dating?

Have you ever become so burnt out from online dating that you’ve become a bit jaded?

I still use online dating as it’s hard to meet women where I’m at but I’ll admit it still sucks though while I’ve been able to get a lot of dates, none of them have ever led to anything.

It also gets really expensive too. Not that I think that because I bought drinks that I’m entitled to a relationship or sex, but it still adds up.

I would say that I’ve gotten more picky with who I date. I don’t go on a date unless there’s some kind of potential or click.

I've has a lot of matches where the girl was cute but we had nothing in common and our conversations would fall flat and vice versa.

The only women who wanted to keep seeing me were ones who had misleading pictures or ones who had serious issues.

What really worries me is that despite being able to get many dates and be told I’m cute, funny, etc it’s like I get ghosted and it makes me feel like I have some serious character/personality flaw which I’d like to find out and fix but it’s like how can you improve yourself when you don’t get any feedback? I don’t believe in blaming women or all men as that mentality gets you nowhere, but regardless, it still is frustrating.

Can anyone else who’s used online dating relate?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I personally don’t think the quality of people on dating sites is much good.

    Although I must admit I’ve met two really nice guys on there who I dated for a while then became friends with and still talk to, but that’s mostly due to distance and our careers taking us in different directions.


What Guys Said 2

  • Not burned out, but disappointed to the Point of not wanting to do it again.

    • What were your disappointments?

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    • What was really strange was that the ones in their 40s weren't interested, just ones in their 20s and 30s. I'm not complaining, just thought it was strange.

    • It’s typical for women to want older men. I’ve had 20-21 year olds but I don’t wanna date someone younger than my youngest brother who’s 23. It’d just feel weird to me

  • I can understand people using online dating if they are extremely shy or socially awkward or live in a remote rural area but otherwise why bother. The whole world is a dating site, all you have to do is step outside the door and meeting women is free. I can meet more women in a week while working than I can in a year on a dating site.

    • You also have to keep in mind that approaching out of the blue is frowned upon

    • Where? I used to do it all the time.

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