How to find "Boring" Girl?

Do Boring Girls exist?

To me it seems like girls are addicted to being wild...

The love to party, do drugs, drink, get into messed up situations... They need to be stimulated 24/7

Where are the normal boring girls who just like to watch movies, hate partying and drinking? Like to hike and watch the sunset or go star gazing or something...

Maybe I'm just born in the wrong generation?


Most Helpful Girl

  • They’re there! They’re out doing those things you described already! Join a hiking, running or cycling group etc! You’ll find them if you look in the right places.

    • I have a hard time finding the right places

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    • Im sure everyone has similar fleeting feelings at some point or another, but you have to make your own luck. There’s so much opportunity out there, if you put yourself in positions where there’s possibilities of meeting others similar to you, and focus on enjoying yourself for you, life tends to have a funny way of surprising you. Plus there’s the old self fulfilling prophecy.

    • Yeah I know... Self Fulfilling Prophecies... But you can only be positive for so long?

      I've been alone my whole life... I've felt so alone...

      I don't feel like there is opportunity, I'm really terrible at this dating thing... A 25 year old girl probably once an experienced guy? Not some virgin...

Most Helpful Guy

  • You are like looking in the wrong place for boring girls. They’re in the library and in church.

    • You might also look at a dance class or Events and Adventures (where singles go do stuff together).

    • Church has the most wild girls...

    • Omg so many losers at Events and Adventures

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What Girls Said 4

  • Yes, there is plenty of boring people.

  • According to this description I'm boring. Except I like to go to parties once in a while, but I don't drink and they're chill parties where we listen to some music, eat togetherand have a laugh

    • Then maybe you are my dream girl?

  • I’m boring

  • Well where are you meeting your girls?

    • Online dating, Night Clubs, friends of my cousins who like to go Clubbing...

      One from work.

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    • Yeah, you'll find someone eventually.

    • I've been saying that for years... I'm beginning to think that I actually won't

What Guys Said 3

  • Church? They're probably not as visible to you because they go about their life and fly under the Radar screen.

    • Star gazing: astronomy club?
      Hiking: Look for Meetups for people that do this

  • I believe they are out there but harder to find because they are quiet - So I suggest a deeper dive into the female pool

  • Probably don’t exist, women today aren’t worth getting involved with

    • Trying not to lose hope

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