Doesn't say it back?

My boyfriend and I have been exclusively dating for 5months now. It hasn't always been easy. We both have hectic work schedule, his is worst. And I can see that he is trying to make time for us.
He'll do little things like giving and asking for kisses all the time, holding my hand when we're walking, in the restaurant, etc. when he comes back from a busy day and decides not to have a shower and I go, he'll join just to spend time.

We've not said I love you even though there are times I'm bursting to say it. Recently I was overwhelmed and texted him.. and ended it with "love you". He replied the text but didn't say anything back.

Am i rushing this?


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  • Probably just overwhelmed, talk in person and see his reaction to how you feel.

  • Talk to him in person about it, don’t text it for the first time. Ask him how he feels


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