Who's the most attractive from these?

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  • Who's the most attractive from these?Taehyung
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  • Who's the most attractive from these?Taeyong
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  • Who's the most attractive from these?Jin
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  • Who's the most attractive from these?Sehun
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  • Who's the most attractive from these?Luhan
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Why do they all look like girls?

    I like all these Korean soap operas but it never fails all males tend to look very feminine.. xD

    I like men not pretty looking boys xD lol

    I’ll go with Vote C Jin!
    But his lips are too big and rosy... come off as too feminine

    • Well the ideal beauty in Asian soicety is to be young, it's often confused as in the western most people look old then their age hence that's the difference it's not an offence if you say they look feminine, I am a pretty boy too and if you call me feminine I would take it as a compliment

    • Well in my eyes it looks awful from a female perspective xD... it’s what I was attracted to in first through Firth grade... xD look like old men trapped in elementary school kid face. It’s not attractive... there are plenty of men who look masculine and don’t look old, just not like elementary school girl xD

      Maybe old Asian girls are into this... attracted to feminine faces 😦

    • Anyway I just wanted your opinion type, have a great day 😁

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What Girls Said 5

  • Sorry not attracted to lesbians

    • It's ok they are not attracted to you too

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    • Judge but don't say it loud until it's true

    • 😂 this is the internet. You’re gonna have a bad time if you think like this constantly. But okay. I’ll stop messing with you.

  • I think I’ll pass. Not a fan.

  • None of them are attractive, eww
    ~ Mrs Manson

  • Sehun in my opinion.
    And why are the other opinions so hateful lol.

    • Ikr people hate what they don't understand

  • As someone who actually is into the Korean music culture and knows who they are, I find this post funny for some reason.

    Not hating on it though.


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