What stereotypes & threat are unattractive guys known for?

I'm unattractive & for a few years woman have acted hostile, arrogant, snobbish towards me for no other reason that to belittle me & uplift themselves

I'm just curious about what image I might be projecting to them that makes feel those ways towards me


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  • That's shitty. Women can be cruel to men just as men can be cruel to women.

    I would say it's less about who you are as a person, unless you're ranting and raving about women and how awful they are, and more about who they are as people. They sound toxic.

    • I tend to "attract" these types of females & I'm not a "Chad" by any means so for me "attract" these types of personalities has gotten my curiosity for the years that I've been targeted because there are slot of average guys just like me but I was the one to recieve all the negative attention

  • While you may make some missteps in behavior or style, you are doing nothing wrong or nothing that an average person does not do unless your actions are criminal or oppressive. People in general enjoy games or as some people put it, drama. Classes, attributes, fellowships, quests, rules, elite levels, hoarding resources, combat, various customizations. This is classism and their behavior towards you is merely a way of projecting that their character is better than yours and beyond your reach. Many people play this game in real life which makes them de facto mentally ill and weird, but the weird has now become the norm and it is justified in their mind as believing you would do the same thing if you could.


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