Class difference problem, please help?

I met someone and he works as a waiter, and he is a poor guy and he obviously comes from a white trash family... his accent is terrible, his clothes even his hairstyle... his life views are all different from mine etc, but I'm attracted to him still, to his face to his body, but then it doesn't even feel sexual I just get so excited around him I can't even move. Everyone I know would judge me badly if I dated him. He told me that he's never been with a girl, which is funny because he is so good looking and he obviously doesn't even realize that I'm physically not good enough for him, because he probably had a terrible life. I don't know what to do.. He doesn't even use deo... lol :( but I can't stop thinking about him, he is so sweet... what should I do? :(


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  • Ask him to hang out and get to know him a bit better.

  • Apparently there is some inner beauty that others are missing and you see. Some people clean up their act with a little help. It is up to you.


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