She said she would be embarrased in my company... What does it mean?

I met a girl at a party recently. She is a close friend of my relatives but I haven't seen her before. We haven't spoke much at the party, or afterwards, maybe a few words. Recently, a cousin of mine asked her to come to my brother's place to see my little nephew. She was thrilled at first, but when she heard that I might be there she said that it would be awkward for her and that she will not know what to say in front of me...

I don't know what that might mean since we had little to no contact. I have a crush on her (but she does not know that) and I would like to know what that might mean... Thanks :)


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  • because you make it awkward probably and obvious to her and maybe she doesn't look at you that way.

    • But we had no contact and no one knows about my (little) crush...

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