Having a crush on someone... ask them to hang out (yes or no and how) ?

Okay here is my situation :
I have had a crush on a girl in my grade for a very long time actually ( more than 2 years). I never really acted on it because I am rather shy and I am sure she has no feelings for me and also bc admitting my crush on her would also mean coming out... so it never really was an option. But now a lot of time has passed, school has ended for us and I am unsure what to do.

I would love to hang out with her. See her one last time before our ways part anyways because of different universities. Sure a date just one n one would be my favorite but I would also be happy to just hang out with her (with some friends) or on a none-date activity. I don't know how to ask her though. And if it really is a good idea to ask her to hang out or would that only make the process of forgetting about her harder for me. I am not sure. Would you ask her to hang out and especially if you would, how?

Another option would also be telling her how I feel. Now that we don't attend the same school anymore and are probably not going to see each other in a while (could be a very long while) I feel like I have not that much to lose. Should I ask her to meet up and confess my feeling? Or would that only cause harm?

I kind of want to do something, the thought of just not seeing her anymore crushes my heart, kind of. If you have any other idea on something I could do I would LOVE to hear it. I am very thankful for all answer, whatever your take is, no matter your age or gender. Sorry for any mistakes in grammar or spelling, English is not my first language :(


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  • Better to get her to hang out and get more comfortable around each other. Springingh your Feelings on her without being sure About how she'd react is risky.


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