Dude, does my girl like me a lot?

Alright so brought my girl around my friends, we played beer pong and she kept saying "Good job" even tho I would miss it haha. Then we sat down and she was tired so she laid her head on my chest and fell asleep. then I would look over at her occasionally (When she was awake) she would look at me and smile. And my friends smoked in the house, I told her if she got bothered by it she could tell me. She was super nice to my friends also. When we left, she told them it was nice to meet them. Is she a sweet girl? We've been dating for 8 months.


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  • Well yeah she likes you a lot!


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  • I do not know. She is a polite girl and may not enjoy confrontation. If that is true, she may secretly dislike but remain polite until she can make her exit. While time is one factor in determining her motives, the quality of that time and the intensity of the events that take place are a better determinant. Like if you both survived being stranded on an island and came closer together. It may have only lasted a month, but it would strengthen your connection may fold.

    • She drove an hour down to my town to see me.

    • Consistent with good manners only.

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