I really like this guy, he was gunna ask me out but we never got to see eachother over the summer, and now I don’t think he likes me anymore. advice?

We were hanging out and he put his arm around me and was hugging me and stuff while watching a movie, and the next day he told me he liked me and all that and me friend who he was talking to about it kept saying all this stuff about how he wanted to be with me and was going to ask me out but wanted to do it in person but we were always busy when the other one was free so we didn’t end up seeing eachother.

and now we haven’t talked for like a month cause we’ve been busy all summer and i think he doesn’t like me anymore.

we used to kinda talk a little under a year ago and apparently he never stopped liking me, and my friend says he still likes me now it’s just that he doesn’t think i like him. he isn’t texting me cause i’m not texting him and he doesn’t think i want to text him

(i know really childish and dumb)

but for some reason even though i know all that i still for some reason think he doesn’t like and can’t bring myself to text him first.

any advice?


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  • Try it once like I did. If still blocked then move on.
    I was in exactly the same situation.
    I messaged a couple of times even when getting the green light from her
    But I was still blocked.
    She was cruel
    Learned my lesson


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