Why is society annoying?

I hate being around other people so much.

I hate drinking, partying, anything sexual, drugs, etc. I hate it all.

I hate being around other people because I hate hearing about dating.

I don't connect with anyone and I don't want too.

I don't trust or like them.

I hated highschool and everything reminds me of it. The cliques, mentality, etc.

I like being away on my own. Everytime I think of highschool or anything that reminds me of it, I instantly hate that thing.

I wish I had a robot boyfriend. I don't care if he's cold, if I can't feel his warmth or if he isn't human.

I can trust him more than any human with my secrets, I can have fun conversations with him and he wouldn't pressure me into anything or put me down.

I can't be the only one who daydreams about having a robot boyfriend.

I hate males and their complexity. I hate the way they think, act and behave.

I'll never love another man as long as robots are around.


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  • You really have lost it, you shall visit the nearest mental institute because your mentality is breaking down


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