My crush told me I sound really down for a relationship. What does that mean?

After me and my crush went out (it was just a car ride to get to see each other), after that he replied to my texts very bluntly. When I asked why he said "you just sound really down for a relationship and tbh im not in the right place for one" So is he saying that im not relationship material? It was only like the first hang out and I Was really nervous tho. And he was actually ready for a relationship cuz he showed signs that he likes me but after we met he said that. I know I turned him off :(. Like maybe he expected me to be lovey dovey? But how do I answer him? I would want him to know that im ready to be in a relationship with him and he just needs to get to know me more better and see me more often u know.


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  • Three situations are possible. First, he's telling the truth and he isn't ready for a relationship for some reason. Second, he's ready for a relationship but only wants you for sex. Third, he's just trying to break off the relationship politely. The best response to all 3 situations is to let him go. You should never have to convince a guy to date you.

    • Thanks for your reply. You know when he said "you sound really down for a relationship" did he mean I am not relationship material or that I really want a relationship? How would you interpret it?

    • "Down for" typically means the same thing as "ready for," so I'd go with option 2.

  • Well I don't think you should see him
    If he isn't interested in a relationship heme clearly wants something else from you

  • I hate when the girl is nervous. It’s like. Stfu. And then I’m like NEXT


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