Girls, A guy started coming with my friends, he is a known player but I feel very attracted to him?

He's tall, strong and good looking, and has an air like nothing could faze him. He has complimented me a few times and we flirted a bit. Once, I was tying my hair and my shirt lifted up and I caught him looking at my belly. I pulled it down, and he came behind me and held my hands in the air with one hand, and tickled my exposed belly with the other. Once a picture was being taken, I was wearing a crop top and he put his arm around my waist and tickled my belly and I came out grinning.


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  • Well he is bold and confident and sometimes those are player tendencies but we can't say for sure unless we experience it for ourselves. Take whatever you hear about him with a grain of salt. I am not saying not to believe but he could just be extra friendly with everyone. So take that into consideration.


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