What does it mean when you ask a girl out and she responds "You mean as friends"?

I asked a girl out and she responded this way. Then without any prompting she said yes she'd go out as friends emphasis on the friends again. Then she asked what i had in mind well since i expected a yes or a no i didn't have a plan and said "i hadn't thought that far ahead. to make matters worse i waited a week to give her a response. At which time she said "i don't think we should go out". in your estimation did she have no interest in me from start point go or was it how i went about it?


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  • She was probably interested. And wanted to test the waters with you without you crawling all over her.

    And you had no follow through. You should have just made something up on the fly when she asked what you had in mind.

    Cuz you not having had a date plan probably made her assume your first plan was a Netflix and chill.

    And on top you waited a week to get back to her. Making her think you aren't interested.

    I'm not even terribly attractive and I get asked out every other day. So you waiting a week meant other guys probably showed interest and follow through while you were twiddling your thumbs

    • I suggest if you actually like her. Tell her the tjat you wanted to go on a real date but her asking about as friends threw you off. And it took a while to regain confidence to ask her again

    • Well i've known her for quite some time (we work together). We've had talks about her lack of success with other guys. I guess that's probably what attracted me to her i'm a sucker for a girl that gives me the wounded bird act. I'm not going to say she's not attractive, she is. She says she's got low self esteem. And claims to be an alcoholic. Also when she said "I Don't think we should go out" she said "I just don't think about you in that way". You don't think she's just using me for attention? She'll be really friendly one day then i don't exist the next.

    • Lol no girl who is into a guy would brag to that guy about how many guys ask them out. Because we want them to think they have a chance.

      She might have said I don't see you that way cuz you gave her mixed signals.

      I suggest you just get everything out. Do you don't have regrets

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  • I dont think it matters in this perticular case. The end result is what it is.
    For the future, I would be more clear, if I were you. I love direct conversation. Beating around the bush, playing coy, etc, is fine and dandy for flirting, but when you want to request a date, or want to attempt to start a relationship, word games only frustrate and annoy.


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