Should I continue dating her?

So I have been official with this girl for almost a month now, and the longer we are together the more I realize we don't have much in common. I like her mind and we share some similar humor, but otherwise have no shared interests. Our conversations started strong, but as it goes on they seem to be sizzling out as I try to find things to talk about. I am very romantically attracted to her, but this plus the fact that I cannot get sexually attracted to her (which is already causing some issues since she is very sexual) make it difficult. I really wish there was some way to make it work, but with both those problems I am having trouble seeing us together in the future. Any advice on how to maybe work on these issues or should I end it? I can provide additional details if needed. Thanks ahead of time.


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  • Just from what you've written, I don't think this is a good relationship for either of you. If you don't have much in common, and there isn't a healthy sexual relationship, then you both should probably seek a partnership that provides those things. They are very important to building a successful long term partnership.

  • I'd end it if I were you. I see no point in prolonging this


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