Who’s mad at who?

Ok so the coworker who set us up told him I was obsessed with him (not true, she was just stirring up drama for the fun of it, I’m actually independent and like my space) and another coworker told me he’d said something to her about it and she told him that other coworker was a drama queen but I quit texting him first so we didn’t talk for six days. Then he pops up like what’s going on? I told him it was a rough week and he mentioned that drama coworker and I told him she’s been giving me hell for awhile and I’d tell him just not right then. So then he stopped texting me for a few days and acts like he’s not pissed when I asked about it and now every time I mention us talking about it it’s like he wants to brush it off like I needed space from him and he gets it when that’s not it at all and I wanna talk to him and be honest with him but now we are barely talking at all so is he mad at me or does he think I’m mad at him or are we both just confused?


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