Is it kinda weird that I want to hook up with my manager?

I have a crush on him. We’re both 24. We were friends on Facebook BEFORE we were coworkers. He added me on Facebook almost a year ago. And he’s only been my coworker for about 3 months. He has liked my photos about 99% of the time.

Every Sunday, our new schedule comes out and I always work with him on those days (except I requested this Sunday off because I’m throwing my best friend a bday party). So I was thinking of showing up to work to get my schedule (they’re not allowed to give it to you over the phone anyway)
And since he’ll be there, I was thinking of maybe wearing a low cut shirt since my chest is my best asset and just see if he checks me out or says anything. Just to see if he’s attracted to me. Is this a bad idea?


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  • Whats your company policy? Are your feeling for him stronger than your desire to maintain employment at this facility?

    • The only policy is that we both must be over 18 years old

    • Then, yeah, just think about the second question then, and go for it :)

  • Not weird if you both into each other but yeah hook up with a co worker always has it bad side


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