It’s been a year now and I still really like him, how can I get another chance with him? please help?

There’s a guy that used to go to my s hook that I liked a lot and I know he really liked me to, cause we’d always talk to each other, go out etc. but then his best friend (who I had rejected back in the day) started spreading rumors that I lost my virginity to him, which is why me and this guy stopped talking cause he told me “you’re cool and I really like you, but you’ve been with my friend and that matters to me” and even tho I told him his friend is lying he didn’t really believe me. We ended up unfollowing each other on all social media and never really spoke after that. It’s been over a year and I just can’t stop thinking about him, I requested to follow him on insta two weeks ago and he followed me back and I’ve been wanting to talk things out with him, or just start fresh. How can I get another chance with him?


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  • Just message with him for awhile and if that goes well, you can meet up for coffee, Don't discuss anything too deep or serious except in Person.


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  • Try and Talk to him and Get things Cleared Here, dear. It has been a Month of Mondays now and with him Following you Back, Perhaps he is willing to Talk, Not Squawk, Now Somehow. xx

  • Two things:
    1. Let it happen, and don't force it. If it's something thatll work, then just allow the natural progression to occur. Maybe give it a little push, such as a small conversation starter. If you still live around each other, mayne ask to go out for coffee to "catch up". It won't be a date, just a nice get together.
    2. If the chemestry has faded, let it go. It has been long enough that you can move on with your life. Don't obsess over something you can't do anything to fix.
    Good luck, what ever you decide to do :)


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