Why Are Some Guys Too Afraid To Say No?

I've noticed that some guys would rather say that they aren't sure about being with a girl yet or say that they might like her making her have hope or something when in reality he doesn't like her at all and can be 100% with everyone else and run his mouth and say that he's not interested in the girl and sometimes make unnecessary comments and she has to hear it from someone else...

Ik girls do that too but Im talking about guys now.


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  • So what happens is, there is no nice way to turn someone down. And every person has their way they would prefer it done to them. Some like honesty, others like to give subtle hints, or even indicate things.
    People who like subtlety think it’s a bother to be brutally honest.
    Some start by trying to be, like telling it’s a no go.
    But then again they see the other person suffering and want to ease that, hence some bullshit they say to try to make the person feel better. Like maybe in the future or something.
    Then some of them will badmouth about it to others. Like how insistent or clingy the other person is etc etc


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  • We aren't used to turning Girls down and aren't sure how to do it. I feel bad about doing it, and I'm not the only guy who thinks like that, in part because we know what it is like to be turned down.

    • When I was a teenager, the only Girl I turned down was a known slut, and I didn't even do it directly- I made sure she saw me kiss another Girl.

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    • That's strange. Maybe you're Right that he just wasn't honest.

    • Yeah cuz i thought we were at least cool

  • your probably just a good fuck and are good enough till something better comes along.

  • Most guys don't want to hurt a girl's feelings

    • Well the guy who did ot 2 me hurt my feelings more by not being real with me so ig its a lose lose situation

    • I agree that lying to someone probably hurts more later on down the line but I think his intentions were good

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