Do you agree that dating apps are nothing else than a huge sausage fest nowadays?

To test something, I changed my settings on Tinder and specified I was open to meeting men as well as women. While I get like one match every two days with women, as soon as my profile was shown to bisexuals and homosexuals I got 99+ likes in about two hours.


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  • The internet is a sausage fest, full stop. It's not about numbers, it's about the level of desperation. Guys just want it a whole lot more, whatever it looks like or smells like. Basically it just needs a pulse.

    • I know. Still, I was shocked, considering that bis and gays are a minority. Or maybe there's just way more bis and gays in my area than I thought.

    • I think the fact that they are indeed a minority means that the dating pool is more concentrated and focused. If five people are in a room then each of those five are likely to interact. If a million people are in a room then there is little to no chance of them all interacting. The smaller the size of your dating pool, the greater the number of hits you will get if you are in that dating pool.

    • This makes sense.

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  • I am 100% heterosexual and have had great success with POF. I am in an exclusive relationship now but if I returned to POF, I could probably get at least two dates a week as long as I made the effort.

    So. . . disagree.

  • what do you mean "nowadays"? xD every real life or digital opportunity to get to meet partners was always a sausage fest since written history xD

  • I did the same experiment once and got similar results. The thing is, the way the dating world is setup is that most women don't need dating apps. They just use it for an ego boost or to see if they can get lucky by finding a guy who's out of their league. Many men to an extent just take whatever because sometimes they have to in order to get what they want.


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