Seeking advice to my irritated situation with relationships, hoping for kind and knowledgeable advices?

Before I started in wanting relationships, I tried to seek the best help advice & I thought that the best help would be females. I've listened & tried to follow through female advices for many years advices such as being nice, expressing feelings, giving her time, not being sex hungry, listen to her problems, don't treat her as a sex doll, like more things than just her body, etc.

Now people might say that if I did all these things & don't have a relationship I must not be listening to advices & I'll say that you are wrong, this honestly happen to me a bunch of times & I don't want to make this stuff up. I could say that I allowed myself to portray myself as a wimp with no backbone on every time I was getting forced into friendzones (how do you put up with that?) or I had no time to express myself to break out of shallow relationships with females, you can say that I just didn't have a creative way of socialising interest in females (flirting) due to them always bound in a massive crowd of other shallow people

In becoming a friend Females know what they are doing & they just used me for expressing their negative feelings, their problems, & refused to show their happiness or socialize anything positive about themselves. I was dumb, I would try to be positive & supportive in trying to break that negativity out of females.

Eventually, I came to learn that they were always happy by seeing them with their friends, & eventually a new boyfriend that I never heard of. I was just used for the just the bad days or providing attention when females never got it for that day.

I find this irritating because I just want a friend, a partner, a support, and someone who I can like physically & internally. I've tried not to see girls as shallow quick sex things but it just turned up for the worst for me each time. Other help that I get with these sorts of things is just more absurdity. philosophies, going to various places, I have more to say but text limit

I am simply telling you what happens, you're not being big help if you dont believe me. I don't choose shallow women, I get to know them and they just be shallow and remain that way. They refuse to be anything but to look pretty and talk bad about other people. The only type of women that this doesn't happen is if they have children or baggage.


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