He hasn't gotten back to me, now I'm too embarrassed to see him tonight?

There is a guy who I've been freinds with for w years. But we liked each other and our other friends noticed and brought it up to us separately. We both denied it but kept liking each other.

Last week when we were all hanging out at a club a guy was flirting with me heavily. And my crush I guess heard that guy asked me out. (I turned him down) but my crush was kinda pouty and then when we were all leaving the club my crush walked me to my car. I wanted a kiss... But no luck.

The next day he posted something interesting on Instagram so I texted him asking about it. We talked about 20 minutes and then I told him
"I'm free this week so we should hang out" and he responded with "okay ill let you know"

A few days later he posted something in his native tongue, which I could understand 90% of it. So I asked him what a specific word meant.

He never responded

Now today is Friday. I asked him out 6 days ago. Nothing came of it.
I also have an unread text to him from 3 days ago...

Our friends are meeting up tonight and I'm feeling too ashamed to show my face to him.

Like I don't even wanna meet up with our friends cuz I know he will be there 😞


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  • Just go. One person doesn’t and shouldn’t define or control your life. Those are your friends too. If he’s going to be there you can better assess the situation in person anyways. Maybe he didn’t see the message, maybe he forgot to get back to you because things got busy during the week. There are plenty of reasons why, and you can casually bring it up in person if you’re wondering about them still.

    • After mulling it over I'm gonna go, see him, give him a hug like normal. but not stick around him. I'm just gonna do my own thing. Like dance in the other room where he can't see me. And if a guy flirts with me I won't push them away like I usually do.

      Cuz he usually pouts when he sees it so I try to stop it as soon as it starts.

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    • And I dunno talked about a few other things so I just said get in my car ill drive you to where your roommate is parked. So he got in and I planned to kiss him goodbye cuz we basically already smoosh our faces together when we hug. But driving up to his roommates car, him and the other freinds had their faces pressed against the glass with giant grins watching us. So I was not wanting an audience for that.
      When I arrived home I saw I had a text of him wishing I "get home safe and that he will find time for us to hangout this week" but I wanted to get ready for bed before I responded. But I guess I took too long CUZ HE FUCKIN CALLED ME. I was so shocked. Because I didn't respond he was worried something happened. (I had gone to Paris just 2 weeks before and I was mugged there so. I think he is concerned now) we talked 10 minutes but I ended it cuz my makeup was only half removed. And it was our first time talking on the phone didn't want to go over board. But yeah. Better than expected

    • Great!! I’m glad :)

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