Am I this guy's possible rebound?

Okay, so a guy I met about two months ago spoke to me for a bit from a club in college and asked for my number and said we should hang out sometime with a few of his friends. It seemed like he meant it since we talked about places we'd hang out at and stuff. So, I haven't heard a word from him for a long time, like nothing. So I found out a few weeks ago that he tried to hit it off with some girl and it didn't work out. So, now that I saw him again for moving day on campus, he says he still has my number (like WOW) and wants to connect with me on FB (which he did) and possibly hang out sometime. I don't know if he really means it this time. What is his intention?


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  • He doesn't know you yet, so hard to say, but he had your number, so why not contact you?

    • That's what I'm asking and people think we like each other. He told me that he still had my number this whole time and I'm just lost right now. He always says he'll catch up on hanging out with me but it never happens.

    • I'd just talk to other guys. If he figures it out before you get a boyfriend, he knows where to find you. A guy who is really interested would have contacted you by now.

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