Why would my ex have his new girlfriend contact me when I habe had no contact with him? Is this his way of trying to get my attention? PLEASE ANSWER?

She was going out of her way to be mean to me and called me ugly. I wasn t mean to her back at all in fact she literally kept rambling on saying he lies to her a lot and doesn t prioritise her. She willingly gave me her number and asked me to call her I refused and was going to call him at his job and confront him but I decided not to. She said they aren t physically together then turns around and says she lives with him at his moms house.

She also said he is on drugs then turns around and says "no he is not on drugs" the only question i asked her was how old she was, how do you know my name, and if he still worked at so and so place he worked at when we was together because I was going to call him and confront him. She said something like "does this mean your prettier than me? YOUR UGLY!" She didn t answer the age question or how she knew me and she lied about him still working at that place he still does.

She sent me a photo of them 2 together and also screenshotted my ex and her messages while she was talking to me and he was aware of her talking to me and he panics obviously and lies to her again and tells her im crazy and obsessed with him. She also said they been dating for 6 months. Why did all this happen out the blue? I m not gonna lie this hurt my feelings. Thanks


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  • She's an insecure bitch and he's just a bitch. Dont let them bother you.


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