Guys/Girls what do you think about sex on first meeting?

For you it's a good or bad thing. So i mean can you consolidate your future relationship or it will be end without beginning?
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  • It depends. I hate using sex as a "price". I'm probably one of the few females that don't think of sex as something THAT special. It's a need, a temporary satisfaction. So if I feel strongly attracted to a guy on our first date and he turns me on and we can do it - I'd do it. It honestly saves me a lot of time and energy with figuring his out. His real intentions will show afterwards. If he wants to date me he will pursue me even after we had sex. And if he only wanted to bang then he will probably not contact me again or will call me just for that. But if I waited to have sex with him until he's proven me that he is serious, then I risk catching feelings and being ghosted after he got what he wanted. Because guys can put extreme amount of effort just to finally get it. So, I say, if a guy is real, having sex that soon won't change his mind about me. And also, once we can take physical and sexual compatibility from the list, we can easier and faster start testing our emotional compatibility. I just find other things way more meaningful then sex. Sex is not the price, my time, my support, my affection, my trust, my love - those are the prices.

  • Bad thing. Sex means something to me so I don’t give it up that quickly or easily.


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