Please teach me how to talk to guys. I know they aren't that different?

When I was in primary school, I actually was the only girl in my class, who would be friends with boys. I'm not saying this to stand out as "special" but because now, it's totally different. I used to talk to them, like normal human beings and now I'm too distracted by their... manliness? I still know on a logical level, that they are not that different from me.. but then, when a tall guy (all guys are tall for me, cause I'm small) stands next to me and has that "cool" aura about him... then I forget about that... I don't know, how to phrase my question exactly..


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  • Honestly just talk to them, it can be about anything, the only time you'll ever get turned down by a guy is if he's already taken


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  • You know... there's something to be said a woman who will openly admit that she's awestruck by the male she wants to talk to. If you are in this situation, you can just start by talking about whatever it was he was doing when he caught your eye. If you find yourself choking, due to his "manliness" (love that, by the way!), then just admit it. Out loud. To him.

    "I'm sorry if I sound like an idiot, but you're kind of distracting me with all of that manliness!"

    He'll probably be stunned. Laugh a little and then, if you are watching his eyes, they'll go soft. He'll be immediately be curious about you.

    I'm not saying this will lead to marriage and a fairy tale existence, but it does get your foot in the door. There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling vulnerable in front of a guy and being honest about it.

    • I think, guys in my age would be weirded out, if I said that^^

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    • Oh... so you're just a normal cis-het teen girl. No worries.
      Masturbate before school (not joking) to get some of that hormonal energy dissipated. Maybe then you won't be so jumpy around around all of those handsome young devils.

    • Lol I guess I am.

  • Message me we can talk


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