Was she testing me?

So I asked this girl out for a coffee date about a week ago, but she didn't respond until the night before I suggested at 11:30 at night, and all she said was "I'm sorry but I have to fly to a meeting.' I knew for a fact it wasn't true since she was posting IG stories showing she was still in town that day. I'm wondering if she was just putting me down in a nice way and that was her way of saying no without saying no or was she testing me?


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  • Defentialy sounds like it..
    Sounds like she was either testing u and see what u would do and or she was playing u
    Or she was cheating on u

    • We're not a couple. I only met her about two months ago. She's known to be flaky too.

      I saw her last night for the first time since asking her out and I thought it would be awkward but she was at an event I organized. We were sitting at a bar with a mutual friend and having a convo like nothing happened. Our mutual friend left then it was just us for a few minutes. Later our group went to a different bar and she was sitting across from me the whole time, again it was like I never even asked her out...

    • I should say I didn't even respond to her text when she said she had a meeting, because I figured she was just saying no in a nice way, so what would be the point of responding?

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