Confusing date with a girl?

Alright... maybe someone can help me make sense of this. Today I had my second date with this girl i like. We went to see a movie. After the first date she told me that she would have liked it if i would have been more active (hug maybe even kiss she said) and so on. So today I tried to do that (hugged her when meeting her, tried holding hands for the movie, even kissed her at the end). Afterwards she told me that she had liked our date and had fun but holding hands and the kiss made her feel uncomfortable as she thinks my feelings for her are ahead of hers for me. All of that just really confuses me. And now she needs some time to think which is fine and ill give her of course. She did hold hands and kiss me back but didn't like it. What should i make of all that? Please help me out.
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  • First date went great, second one didn't. She wanted to get physical at first, and then it all became kind of awkward after she told you that and after you did what she told you. Or there was just no chemistry, happens. Sometimes we like a guy but the moment we kiss the chemistry is just not there and we know he's not the one. Just move on. If she wants you she'll go after you.


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  • I mean it sounds like you fumbled on the first date and then possibly did those actions awkwardly causing the chemistry between you two to fizzle out faster then cheap fireworks

    • The thing is she really seems to be into me from what she was texting even after the first time. Like really into me.

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  • She's just not confident/sure yet about you. Don't worry too much. Try it again next time.

  • What is she bringing to the relationship. Is she changing to fit what you like? You sound like you are a beta male simp. Willing to do anything to get and keep a girl. Move onto another or get a sex robot and avoid all this BS with women in the 1st place

    • She does try to fit into what i like to some extent. For example before ou second date she'd asked what she should wear, Make up or no makeup etc. Apart from me not liking that whole "beta male" theory i currently do agree that i might be better off without this "BS". But then again i do like women.

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    • Just an example. I don't know what she is but shallow is someting im quite sure she isn't.

    • I still say you are better off to dump her and just get a sex robot. Women are just not worth the risk anymore. Your life mate. Good luck to you.

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