How to invite a girl out so I can get to know her? Any ideas?

Yeah so basically I've Decided to only text this girl to ask her to hang out and save all the conversation for in person. Problem is I don't have any money?
Hence why I don't date often
Hence why I don't date often
To put my situation into perspective, I live 8 miles away from my job (about 15 to 20min ride every morning) and my mom drives me every morning since I don't have a car. I have a bicycle but that would take an hour and I get up 4:30am so that's highly dangerous. And I live in an area that's pretty quiet without much to do. Plus I depend on others to bring me everywhere so they're always in my business. Any idea how can invite this girl out to get to know her?
why is this so difficult?
why is this so difficult?
So I texted her this morning just saying the generic, "good morning" And I asked her if she worked today after she said, "good morning" Back. She said yeah and asked me If I was at work today but after I said yeah and told her i was working in the back she never responded. I saw her working but she was busy. What should I do next?
Well I tried texting her after I figured she'd be off, no response so I know what that means 😞. Anyone know how I fucked this up?


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    • I thought about a walk in the park but I'm poor as fuck so food isn't really possible. I was gonna bring some bread to feed the ducks though. Unless I wait for payday to ask her out but that's on next Friday 😑. Would that be too long to wait?

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    • So how should I word the text? And when should I text her? Tomorrow evening?

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