Is it a good idea to wait for someone you care about in a relationship?

I like my best friend and I care about her so much. I first told her how I felt about her back in April and she was very appreciative and glad I told her but sadly I was a little too late and she had just started talking to someone she met online and they started dating a little after. The distance between them is pretty far tbh but anyways, when she told me about him I was pretty bummed out and upset. It was hard to deal with it at first but its gotten a lot better. They’ve been together for 5 months now. Do you guys think its worth waiting for someone you care about deeply? And last questions are, what are your opinions on long distance relationships and how long do they typically last? Thank you!
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  • It is not a matter of good or bad. It is a matter of risk assessment. You must do a cost/benefit analysis. A good strategy may be to leave yourself open to other females, but affirmatively state at the beginning that you do not desire a serious relationship in the least or that your relationship is an open one. If you find someone you deem better than the girl in question you have the freedom to choose.


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