Why do I always fall for the worst people for me?

I recently got played by a boy who I really thought was gonna be an actual relationship. But all he wanted was nudes. I tried so hard but I still have hard core feelings for him. Especially since his sister told me He's going through something. But my best friend who knows him well says that's a lie. What do I do?


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  • It'll be tough but you need to disregard your feelings for him and let him go. He has hurt you very early on and you're suspicious of him with right to be. This much bs and controversy this early on is a clear sign that he isn't good for you. Let him go.

    • Thank you So much. I'm crying rn. This is what I needed to hear

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    • No problem. Thanks for the wisdom

    • Anytime

  • You build walls and dont give in to the needs of men.

  • should take some time to understand people before continually getting into a relationship for whatever reason.


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