Is it wrong that I still haven't kissed him? HELP!

We've been going out for two months and I still haven't kissed him but yet I tell him I love him.. Is that wrong?


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  • You probably don't love him if you can't even kiss him. For it to be love, you need an emotional and physical connection. Right now it just seems like friendship to me.

    • i think the problem is I'm scared.

      im so emotionally attached to him that I'm afraid that if I get any closer with him, than I'll lose him

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    • I don't know if my mom is exactly the best person to ask, but I get your point

      thank you for your help!

    • Then maybe talk to an older, more mature friend of yours. And I hope you have the sort of relationship with your mom that encourages open communication. You're quite welcome. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

  • if your not ready to have physical contact, then you are simply not ready. Don't rush it. Do it when you feel its best.

    • im in love with him, he's in love with me.. he always kisses my forehead and everything, and he'll tilt my head up and try to kiss me, but I always turn away

      its making me feel horrible