Trouble choosing between two guys?

I want some opinions. Which guy do you guys think would be the best /which would you pick?

Guy one: A bit of a flirt, doesn't want a relationship, and can be overly cocky. HOWEVER, he's really sweet, honest, and I can talk to him about anything. We've been friends for two years now, he's protective, and makes everyone feel special, he genuinely cares about his friends, and he's trustworthy.

Guy two: Makes me laugh more than anyone ever has, does date, but his relationships never seem to last that long (a month at the most, he isn't a player though), we've been friends for a few months, he's REALLY respectful towards women, kind, caring, and romantic. But he's a bit of a 'follower' and seems to sometimes do what pleases his FRIENDS, not what pleases him.


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  • i think you should choose guy two. his relationships may not have lasted so long but maybe there was a problem with his other relation ships that couldn't be over looked. and since he's not a player , it shows that the relation ships were not just a game to get what he wants because as you stated he is very respectful toward woman and won't force you into anything.

    hope this helps=)

  • The one your gut tells you to pick.

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