Met a girl in class... Need some advice?

Hey everbody, what's up?

I'll try to make this short and sweet. I met this girl in one of my classes and without actually intending to get to know her, I sat right next to her. Our professor is a total joke, so I'd laugh at some of the things he would do, and while most wouldn't think it's funny, she would also laugh at those things. Which I found rather unique.

Without asking her name, she introduced herself to me, and it seemed like we really hit it off. After class that very same day we both decided to hang out. I got to know her better and it turns out she and I have similar interests.

Next class came and went, and we hung out again until her next class started. After that class she sent me a text saying "I'm out of class. ;)", to which I replied, "Do you wanna hang out?" and we did. She and I both talked for maybe an hour to an hour and a half and she looked like she was really having a fun time. Then when I told her I had to go, she asked for my screen name and we started talking online.

We chatted for a bit then asked if she was busy this weekend. I said "If you want, we could see a movie or something?" to which she replied "are you asking me out on a date?" I fooled around with her a bit and eventually I said, "Yea."

So two days ago, (Friday), I asked if she was busy that night. She said she was. At that same time, I asked if she was busy on Saturday. She said she had work at night.

I was getting the impression that we were going to be doing something this weekend and when the time came it seemed like she bailed on me. I mean we didn't exactly make any concrete plans but it just seemed that us hanging out over the weekend was inevitable. Does this chick dig me or is she playing games? Would it be possible that she may want me to be more persistant?

Just as a little side note, I haven't gotten in touch with her for the past couple of days and she hasn't gotten in touch with me. I figure I should give her some space and not communicate with her so that I don't come off as some weirdo. We have class this Tuesday together, and I'd like to know if I should break the silence with maybe a text message the night before or just wait 'till I see her in class.

Thanks for the help everybody.


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  • I'd say don't worry about it. If she had plans and had to work friday and saturday that only leaves today (sunday) right? homeworks gotta be done sometime? who knows the exact reasons.

    So maybe tomorrow just be like "hows your day going? how was your weekend?" or something neutral. She might say sorry for not getting in contact with you or that things didn't work out this weekend.but at least you won't have that awkward "whats she gonna say?" feeling when you see her on tuesday.

    I'd say she either got too busy over the weekend or she was probably waiting to see if you would initiate the actual getting together. Because I know a lot of times with my friends, if they bring up getting together, I wait until they say something about it first. She could also have been thinking maybe you were too busy and didn't want to bother you.

    Just stay casual, hang out again and retry for next weekend. Good luck! from what you say, I think you 2 will get together soon :)

    • Hey thanks alot, what you say makes a lot of sense. She did mention something about moving over the weekend so I'm probably just over thinking everything.

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  • You did good up until the part when you asked her to a movie, all you asked her was if she wanted to see a movie, now my friend women want to know what movie, what day, what time, and where. If you didn't say something like hey want to see a movie with me? And she said ok, well right then and there you should have said well then I will pick you up on Friday night at 7 so be ready before then, because your buying the popcorn if we are minute late to the movie. So lets fast forward to the other day, you didn't set any of those things I told you, you probably didn't call her at least a day in advance to make sure she didn't already make other plans, and well weekend rolls around bam she's already got plans with her friends because women don't want to be stood up, so if you don't tell them then they make other plans.

    Ok here's what you should do, next time your in class with her do not make it weird or ackward, just play it off, and then when your talking to her again say hey yeah about that movie, you know what how about dinner instead, I mean a movie is cool but you can't really get to know someone by staring at a screen in the dark. Then say do you have plans for this this weekend, and if she says no then say ok 7 oclock, I am taking you out to eat .

    If she keeps coming up with bs excuses then screw it don't even bother with this chick .

  • just say sorry you couldn't make it, and try again some other time. don't expect her to prioritize you over work and other things in her life.