What if I asked a girl out and she asks if she can bring another guy along?

I asked a girl and she asked to bring another guy along with her. I said yes for that though. Does it mean I'll never get her as a girlfriend. Is she trying to be my friend only? We have met alone a few times before too?


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  • Obviously she didn't take you asking her out as being romantic. If you want it to be romantic you're gonna have to be clear you want to take her on a romantic date.

    • How can I ask her romantically.. I am so confused.. I mean I flirt with her too and gave her lot of signs but she still doesn't understand. In what else way can I ask her romantically.

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    • How to make it clear its a date bro.. I mean it defeats the whole purpose if I straight tell her I like her and want to eat out with her

    • try again. if she wants to bring a friend, say 'i was thinking just you and me'.

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  • Just say what you want honestly...


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  • She probably didn't want to be rude and just said no, so she turned it into a non-date thing.

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    • Well if she doesn't like you as more than a friend then there's nothing you can do about it. You can try being direct with her though if you weren't before and then you'll know.

    • Ok but direct in text or like ask her to meet and say things

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  • "Hey, last time you brought X with you... But what do you say we make it just the two of us next time?"
    Try that.


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