Are the majority of people that are interested in you insecure?

Most of the time I find a girl that wants to see me, they are worried about disappointing me, even if I like them.

Other girls I go on dates with, they don't seem too fussed about it, and I don't get a 2nd date cause they don't seem to care.

How do I find a girl that likes me AND is cool about it/doesn't tell me her insecurities about dating me?


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  • Keep searching...

    • Anything else to say based on my question?

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    • That's sounds like a great evening, I hope she texts you back 😉

    • Well I want my own place but apparently you need a solid 6 months to a year of ft job history which I don't have. I think I'll just find another flatshare in a month or 2 when I'm settled in my new job and hope for a better flatmate until then.

      I hope so too but she could be hooking up with someone right now. Would explain why she has gone quiet. A single mum still has note options than most guys. Just a bit harder for them finding time to meet up.

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  • Exude wit, charisma and charm.

    • I do all of this but I guess because I only get tinder dates many pass over me because of my profile pics. I need to meet people in person but I never can get a girl to know me for long enough.

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    • Thanks for MHO, hope you are having some luck, going out on your own is difficult, people are often so selfish and closed off to others. Churches are places to meet good people.

    • Me. Ah haven't really done much on the dating front lately. Been focusing on my new job. There's a chick who I think likes me there but not going to bother unless it's blatantly obvious she wants to hang out. I'd rather meet someone whilst out.

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