Guys, he kissed me but hasn’t asked for my number, is this shady?

I use to see a guy everyday but was too scared to talk to him but I could tell he wanted to. Anyway we talk all the time now for the pas few weeks when we see each other at the gym. He always wants to chat and train together.
Today we were talking for ages at the end of our session in the car park and I was telling a story and he kept touching my face and then all of a sudden he leaned in and kissed me.

he's a very sarcastic person and likes to joke around a lot right before I went to leave I said to him how come we haven’t exchanged numbers or Facebook or anything? And he joked with “coz I don’t like talking to you”
He told me he doesn’t have a girlfriend but I am curious as to why we have no other communication other then gym at this stage
Is he being shady?
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  • it could be he doesn't want to come across as too pushy... and is waiting for you to offer his number, however why he didn't just offer his to you is odd unless he is shy and didn't want to appear too forward

    • I took the advice given and last night after we kissed goodbye I ripped off a piece of paper and gave it to him with my number on it
      He hasn’t messaged me yet.. do you think he’s trying to play it cool or what?

    • possibly or he's been busy... which is more likely, does he work? might be had to rush to work maybe

      give him time maybe he has not realised or thinks he dreamed it

      good luck and hope he calls you soon though to arrange something more

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What Guys Said 6

  • If u want to give your number, then give him...
    If you want to wait and let the chance passes by, then let it pass by.

  • Maybe he prefers talking to you in person, still — don't wait for him to ask you for your number, just give it to him.

    • I gave it to him last night after we kissed goodbye. No message yet..
      what do you think?

  • he is no use for you he has an other girl when a guy or girl won't give you there number they are up to no use they always have some one else in the back ground

  • None of the choices you suggested apply. He kissed you to show interest and when you asked a stupid question he gave a jokey response back. Give him your number, he shouldn’t have to ask for it. You’re rather demanding of a guy aren’t you. I also go to the gym with a girl and have her number but I haven’t kissed her. The good thing about you is that you have allowed him to get closer to you so he could kiss you. The girl im with is frigid and is now going to all kinds of lengths to correct her mistakes but her mistakes are representative of those bitches who accuse guy of sexual harassment. She wore a feminist ribbon, don’t be this type of girl. If you want him, give him the means to explore you romantically.

  • Why not just wait a second before you freak out?

    • Don’t you think it’s weird he’s kissed me before asking for my number? We’ve been talking for at least 3 weeks and we talk for hours each day

    • Maybe his phone ain't the centre of his life like everyone else..

  • He's just funny, don't worry.


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