Why did he say this to me?

I was on a date with a guy as he was massaging my shoulders he said "have to keep the meat happy" then referred to my body as meat about 3 more times, I found this strange and off putting. What would you think he meant?


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  • That is strange and very odd putting. He’s weird.


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  • U r a meat for him and u date this kind of guys and then you expect to find love and relationship...


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  • Well we are meat, water and bone and the shoulders are meat, I don't see the problem here. But what I got from it he his massaging your meat and want hinting he wants you to massage his meat (penis) seems like a fair trade

    • You sound like a guy posing as a girl

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    • It's ok was just a strange comment but no sweat off my back

    • Or skin off my nose, forget which it is

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