I need confidence to leave my boyfriend can anyone help me?

I’m only 16 my age is wrong.
But me and my boyfriend have been arguing non stop. Plus I found out he was texting another girl which he claims to be his brothers girlfriend. but the messages I seen seemed different. Plus they have sent over 100 text in just a few days we’ll that led to me getting mad and I kind of caused a scene which I know was wrong but I couldn’t help it I was just thinking in the moment and he made it seem as if it was my fault when In reality he shouldn’t have been texting her anyways. But he is my first love he took my virginity and all and I just can’t seem to leave him no matter what he does I just stay I need the confidence to leave but I just can’t and it seems like every thing he does it just breaks my heart not to mention he actually was cheating on me last year in October with someone that looks way worse than me. I get so many offers daily from other dudes but I chose to stay for what reason I don’t know but I just need some advice to help me move on I watch a lot of videos to give me confidence but I just can’t. the only reason I think he treats me like this is because he knows I won’t leave him and I just need some confidence to move on but it’s like no matter what he dose or says I just can’t I broke up with him one time and it just felt like it crushed me can anyone help me please !


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  • You can do it, you deserve someone better than who is going to cheat on you, in reality no one deserves that hun!

    • Yeah i know but every time I try to leave it’s like something keeps pulling me back. When I love someone I love hard and I hate that about myself

    • well just keep your head up you know you deserve better, you should leave him

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