How do I hint for him to kiss me?

So I have this new boyfriend, and he's really sweet. But I'm his first girlfriend and he hasn't been kissed. What the nicest way for it to be special for both of us?


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  • My last girlfriend hinted it to me this way:

    She texted me in the morning saying "good morning" and she told me she had a really good dream last night and I said "about what?" And she said "you kissed me". I got the hint from that...


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  • The best way to make it special is just to let it happen. I did not plan out my first kiss and it was so magical. Make sure you get close to him and pretty fliry. Blow on his face (make sure you have good breathe first) or poke him. do somthing to encourage his lips to get close to yours. ANd make sure you guys get some alone time because that is when he is most likely to go in to kiss you. Anywhere it happens a first kiss is very special and both of you will remember it for a very long time if not forever. just let it happen though. you can encourage it but don't plan it out...its less special then. its nice to have it just happen. good luck! let me know how everything goes