Do you think dating in the suburbs is harder?

So I live 30 minutes away from Chicago and I've been trying to save and move into the city to be closer to work, but it's taken a lot longer than I thought as I already have my own apartment I'm paying for, along with with other bills and expenses.

Anyways, despite that I'm in the city nearly every day, it seems like a lot of the women I meet in the city also expect you to live in the city.

Where I live, although only 30 mins away, it seems like the dating pool is a lot smaller and it seems like the few women on dating sites from ages 26-30 fall into 3 categories.

1. They're either super basic/boring/religious
2. They're a single mom
3. They're very obese/ugly or just don't have their shit together.

There have been a few a good ones out there, but few and far in between. Even when I go out to bars, there's not many single women around my age. Not that I go to bars strictly for that.

What are some good ways to meet women outside of online dating?


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  • It is a little harder than in the city, but I don't think you have it too bad. As far as bars, I think there would be a higher percentage of single people out on Monday or Tuesday in the suburbs, like 9-5 workers going for a drink after work early in the evening, then service industry workers out later in the night.

    For online dating, I would try sites that are aimed at relationships instead of just hookups. A hookup might be about convenience but for a real relationship, people should be willing to date a person who lives half an hour away.

    • Nope, bars are dead on Mondays and Tuesdays

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  • Your options as a single male age 25 to 35 is either step dad, crazy chick, or single for ever. Take your pic.

    • step dad?

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    • That’s what I thought just clarifying. I’ve tried dating single moms and while I have nothing against kids or mothers, it does get it in the way of a lot of things like needing a babysitter, is the father or mother gonna watch, etc.

      If I was older and the kid was older, I might be more inclined but at this point I’d rather not.

    • It's even weirder when you show up and the son looks like someone you'd go to school with. I just buy hookers.

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  • Go to Meetups in your area.

    • yeah and I've considered doing some types of classes too whether it's workout/yoga classes, etc

    • Those are good, too. Also feel free to Approach Girls at Festivals or Sporting Events, if the opportunity arises.

  • you have a car?

    • yep, i do. Like i said getting to the city and back has never been an issue. When the other person doesn't have a car, it becomes a problem for them.

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    • well thats not true here in the uk but can't comment on how it is in the usa if thats where you live.

    • Different culture most likely, but that’s how it is in Chicago

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