If, on a First Date... (Girls Please)

Pretend we are on a first date--ideally, having coffee, lunch, dinner, or another generic, paid date. Now, pretend after the drink/meal/activity that I not only neglect to pay for your side of the expenses, but reveal also that I expect you to pay your own way on any future dates and activities as well.

Assuming that this first date is not wholly disappointing (at least, not until the bill arrives), how many of you girls would feel (initially, in response):

  • Offended; I'm shocked! Who does this guy think he is?
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  • A bit surprised... But I'll probably still give the man chance.
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  • Relieved. Even though I have to pay, at least I know we're on equal ground.
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  • It's the perfect deal, especially if you're still young and don't have a job- why should your parents pay for my drinks? If you do earn money, it would be nice once in a while for you to pay. Like, every fifth time you guys go out for dinner, you can buy her a drink after. But whoa, it's no longer the time when a guy has to be the provider... As long as he doesn't act like one and e.g. has problems with his woman making more money ;)


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  • I am shocked. lol I would expect the guy to pay for the first date or two. I would offer to pay/pitch in, but honestly I like it when the guy says he'll take care of the bill [ I won't admit that out loud though ]. I feel like you telling me that is like not holding open the door for me because I'm capable of opening it myself.

    I would gladly pay for myself if we've been on other dates or if something is too pricey, but first dates generally aren't.

  • Pick up the tab on the first date, at least. Probably more like the first few dates especially if you are the one asking her out. I don't think I'd see a guy again if he wasn't gentlemanly enough to pick up the tab. Don't pick an expensive place.

  • Well if you don't pay on the first date I would assume from that, that in future dates I will be paying for myself too. So you wouldn't need to let me know that you expect me to pay for myself on future dates. But it wouldn't bother me to pay for myself. I would actually feel a bit relieved. When a guy always pays, I feel like I'm in debt to him, like I owe him something. I usually offer to pay half the time anyway.

  • I would be disgusted and think you were cheap


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