How come he never follows up with me or anything?

Okay, so this guy I met at church once said he’d love to hang out with me sometime, including his sibling. After that first meeting, I haven’t heard anything from him. No plans. He had my number and it was just “...” So when I saw him again after many months, he proceeded to say the same thing again about wanting to hang out and he still has my number after 6-7 months. And still nothing. What’s wrong with him? I don’t know if he really wants to hang out with me or not


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  • Do you have his number? If so, I think you should contact him and see how he responds. If he doesn't respond or doesn't show any interest in hanging out with you after that, then I think you should just forget about him. I have no idea why he would ignore you after twice saying he wanted to hang out, but if he still ignores you after you contact him, then it seems like he's really not as interested as he makes it seem when you see him in church.

    • The weird thing is that people think we’re a couple every time we talk in person. When I talk to another dude, he wants my attention and keeps talking to me. What the hell is that about?

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    • No, I gave up on him a long time ago because I already saw this isn't going anywhere. But I don't like how he makes it seem like I can't talk to another guy like he's the only person that people should be paying attention to. He's not all that anyway. The guy I spoke to is way cuter, funny, and sweeter.

    • One of my girlfriend's had an ex that would talk with people that didn't really want to talk with him and dominate the conversation so that no one else could really say much. We thought he just really wanted to be the focus and get attention. Maybe it's the same with the guy you're talking about.

      If he really gets annoying and won't let you talk with the guy you want to talk with you might want to just try to avoid him if possible or do the best you can to ignore him and hope that he'll go away and find someone else to talk to.

  • Maybe he's just being nice and says he could hang out even thought he actually couldn't give a shat.

  • you are being let down easy. just like how women lie to guys and say they have a boyfriend cuz the guy is too ugly.


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