Girls, could you go on for 5-10 years without dating or being in a relationship?

I often hear women and girls say, I don't need a man, I don't have time for that shit, relationships are pointless and I wonder why? Is it because of past experiences with guys that have painted with your mind with this horrible image of how men/guys are like these days.

I don't know if females mean it when they say things like that or if it's just the heat of the moment? Personally, I wish girls and women who work hard and are good genuine individuals are in relationships, it's fine to focus on your career but the truth is your boss, nor your colleagues will really be there for you more than a significant other. From what girls have told me in the past, not about me, but the whole dating scene or being in a relationship is that it's a waste of time and they have to focus on money.

I understand money is very important in our world today but why do we chase after it in a sense? I'm in law school and I'm not reaching for the stars to be some lawyer in downtown who makes $200,000/ year, money isn't everything to me. To be honest, I broke things off with a girl who was in med school planning to be a doctor because it wasn't clicking between me and her.


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  • I am some lawyer in downtown.

    But thats not why I'm not dating rn. I'm just very emotionally fragile and not ready to risk being hurt. I'll start dating again when I'm ready.


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