Girls, Sudden stop in text messages after two good dates?

I am a 17 year old male who met a girl at work who goes to a different school. Anyway after getting her number at work and texting back and fourth for a good 3 hours or so for the first week we met up outside and we hung out at her house and watched movies together. It went well and we ended up meeting up once again.
We texted more, and it seemed as if everything was going fine. She has been busy lately due to a extreme amount of homework she is required to complete. I texted her asking if she wanted to hangout again and she hasn't replied yet. (It's been 3 days now) she usually replied within 3 hours of my texts.

Any advice or input would be appreciated.


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  • I can't say I know for exact what she means. But my guess of that is she's not that interested at least you are not her priority.
    I had that happen with a guy several years back, we had great dates and he was still messaging then suddenly told me he's busy and never texted back.
    It is true that they might be busy, but busy to the point that you can't spare less than 1 min to reply a text? Unlikely.

    • she replied that she is super busy visiting colleges etc. and that she doesn't want anything serious right now and that she can't take anything more on her plate. I understand that but does that mean I should still text her etc. and just make small talk ( not flirting) or should I just completely leave her alone and let her focus? Thanks your for your honest reply

    • I think you should leave her alone, because I myself have been guilty of saying that to a guy once as a mean of excuse that I am not interested. I told him that I am busy and need to focus for my uni. I am able to keep up with uni as well as dating, but I am not interested in him enough to do that. So that's what I told him.
      It will be better use of your time to seek someone else rather than waiting for her to turn around.

    • ok that is what I figured. thanks for saying this straight up rather than bullshitting me. Thank you and have a good day

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