Which would you choose out of the 2 girls?

Okay so there are 2 girls atm that i find really attractive , 1 from work and 1 from school , now there's a problem , i dont know which one to try and start something with , the one from work looks kinda good but i dont know much about her , the one from school , is average looking but i like a lot about her personality , but i dont know a lot about her but a little more then the one from work. like i said i need to think of one and i just can't think of one to choose out of 2. and this probably sounds really stupid.
  • Personality , you dumbass
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  • Looks , cuz she is good looking
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  • Just Stop ( cuz im a troll who doesn't wanna answer )
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  • Go with what you think is best.
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  • I don't know I guess never happened to me.
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  • Sounds like you are young. Coming from a guy who has been there done that and regretted the outcome. Go for looks for now and learn more about her. Go for looks just for fun. Never knkw what may come of it. When you are ready to settle down personality if most important BY FAR

  • she's avergage looking with personality, id go with her


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